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Publisher & Editor:  The Cohen Family
Managing Editor: Nayelis Guzman
Public Relations/Website: Mary Lide
Book Design: GKGraphics

Legacy Edition Books is an independent publishing imprint, administered by the nonprofit Suzanna Cohen Legacy Foundation, established in 2018 to “collect, preserve, publish, and teach the life stories of men and women who marshaled exemplary resilience in the face of forced displacement, and to honor the bravery and generosity of those who provided compassion and assistance to survivors, refugees, exiles, and persecuted peoples.”

Legacy Edition Books prides itself on bringing these stories into the world in the form of well-crafted, affordable books, monographs, and pamphlets.  To receive news of our forthcoming publications and events, please click here.

Authors and agents, please note: we are not accepting submissions at this time. Please click here to sign up to receive news of forthcoming calls for submissions as well as publication and event announcements.